Combining natural ingredients, unique recipes, hand-crafted methods and innovations to deliver a delicious range of

OZZY frozzy soft drinks.

Created with the spirit in mind.

OZZY Frozzy Vintage

Retro lemonades with history.

Our new project is aimed at developing the production of high-quality and tasty drinks within the country. Following time-tested traditions allows us to create unique domestic lemonades that give happiness and joy - just like in childhood. Natural juices, pure water, modern technologies and strict adherence to state standards - all this gives birth to delicious drinks with bright retro flavours "as before".

Refreshing Tarhoon, Barberry with berry sourness, sweet pear Duchesse, invigorating grape Saperavi, Cream Soda with hints of ice cream and classic Lemonade... Our drinks not only evoke pleasant nostalgiс feelings, but also quench the thirst here and now. They will definitely appeal to young people who appreciate original craft approach to the production process.

OZZY Frozzy Lemonades

Are you ready to plunge into a stream of new experiences?

Meet the long-awaited EXPORT line - premium quality exotic lemonades with natural tropical fruit juices.

You don't have to fly to hot countries or climb mountains to try sarsaparilla with hints of licorice, a bright combination of mango and coconut or an exquisite duo of black currant and dragonfruit... We did it for you! We visited all continents and turned ripe and sunny fruits into craft drinks with Russian soul.

We have everything necessary for this: extensive experience, modern production and equipment, unique ingredients from all over the world and a bright kaleidoscope of flavors that give joy and fresh ideas.

Try a taste of adventure today!

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OZZY Frozzy Tonic Water
Inspired by tropical rains, ozonized air and the brightly shining sun of Australia we created a range of OZZY frozzy craft tonics. The base of them is crystal clear artesian water, natural extracts and ingredients of high quality. There is no sugar or synthetic flavourings in our tonic waters, that is why they have an ideally balanced savour.

Attractive but laconic glass bottle of original form saves the drink and accentuates its premium quality.

Select your favourites from our collection of OZZY frozzy tonics, experiment with cocktails or just add ice cubes and enjoy.
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Масла Plenty Foods
A range of premium quality cold-pressed oils produced from locally grown fruits, seeds and nuts in Australia. Based in Queensland, Plenty Foods has been producing 100% natural, consumer-conscious vegetable oils for over 30 years, using only sustainable ingredients and gentle pressing and filtering techniques.
The exceptional quality of the oils is backed by international certifications.
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